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Format: CD
Artist: Next To None
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Next To None A Light In The Dark cd
Produced by Mike Portnoy and featuring his son Max on drums, Next To None is a group of teen prodigies.
A fully-formed and unusually mature Progressive Metal statement, A Light in the Dark features guest appearances by Bumblefoot (Guns N Roses) and the legendary Neal Morse.
1. The Edge Of Sanity (9:39)
2. You Are Not Me (4:55)
3. Runaway (4:58)
4. A Lonely Walk (5:31)
5. Control (9:58)
6. Lost (6:12)
7. Social Anxiety (3:44)
8. Legacy (3:56)
9. Blood On My Hands (8:14)

Max Portnoy - Drums Ryland Holland - Guitar Kris Rank - Bass Thomas Cuce - Vocals, Keyboards Produced by Mike Portnoy