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Artist: Mysticum
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Mysticum's Planet Satan - from 2014 - was a work of intense and otherworldly Black Metal that welcomed Mysticum to the new millennium with sublime chaotic fury.
Having achieved almost mythical status in black metal lore, Planet Satan was rumoured since the late 1990's, following the band's debut release, 1996's In the Streams of Inferno. Unifying the core trio of Herr General Cerastes, Svartravn & Dr Best, Planet Satan finally emerged in 2014.
A work of intense and otherworldly black metal power injected with Mysticum's strong cosmic, satanic and psychedelic overtones, Planet Satan welcomed Mysticum to the new millennium with full & unrelenting force, whilst retaining the core elements which made the Norwegians pioneering legends of industrial black metal. 
Both infernal & nihilistic, as well as apocalyptic in its scope and execution,Planet 
Satan was a new milestone for the genre with its sublime, chaotic fury. Primitive minor-chord riff patterns & tortured vocals mixed with the band's manic and often unconventional programmed drum beats made this an eerily hypnotic work of the darkest order.
The album was recorded & mixed at Fias Co. Studios with producer Sverre Dæhli, & mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio in Oslo.
Emerging in the early 1990's, Mysticum brought to the world a completely unique brand of psychedelic discordant black metal with insane drum machine patterns & synths. They were originally (and briefly) signed to Euronymous' Deathlike Silence Productions label, such was his belief in the band. 
This edition of Planet Satan is presented in digibook format.
1. LSD
2. Annihilation
3. Far
4. The Ether
5. Fist Of Satan
6. All Must End
7. Cosmic Gun
8. Dissolve To Impiety