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Format: vinyl
Artist: Miles Davis
CatNo: 0081227955434
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Miles Davis Tutu Deluxe Edition vinyl
A 2015 remastered 180g double vinyl edition of Miles Davis 1986 album.
This version includes an extra LP including an electric live performance by the Miles Davis Octet at the Nice Jazz Festival in 1986 (featuring Adam Holzman on keyboards and Robben Ford on guitar).
The packaging is a replica of the original vinyl album, including stickers, LP labels, Irving Penn's striking and iconic photographs.
Original album:
Side 1:
1. Tutu
2. Tomaas
3. Portia
4. Splatch
Side 2:
1. Backyard Ritual
2. Perfect Way
3. Don’t Lose Your Mind
4. Full Nelson
Live At The Nice Festival, 1986:
Side 1:
1. Portia
2. Human Nature
3. Carnival
Side 2:
1. Splatch
2. New Blues