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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Mater Thallium
CatNo: LLR666-81B
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Mater Thallium Abandoned By The Sun vinyl
Mater Thallium was formed in 2013 in honour of the iconic innovators, Candlemass, King Crimson and Black Sabbath.
The conceptual Abandoned By The Sun is the band's adventurous second album.
Old-school heavy Progressive Rock, with a twist of Doom and topped with flourishes of Scandinavian Folk, Mater Thallium bring the Dark Rock spirit thundering into the present day.
Heavyweight vinyl version.
1. Sudden Dereliction (8:14)
2. Suicidium (2:01)
3. Exiled Witness (5:49)
4. Maternal Mortality (6:44)
5. Fear Of Water (6:28)
6. Mother Free (5:41)
7. Purgatorial Membrane (2:38)
8. Finite (9:31)