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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Lunatic Soul
CatNo: KSCOPE887_deleted
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Lunatic Soul Black Kscope Mariusz Duda Riverside vinyl

The first ever (heavyweight) vinyl release for Mariusz Duda's solo debut album from 2008.

Duda is the creative force, lead singer and multi-instrumentalist behind Poland's biggest Progressive Rock stars, Riverside.
Lunatic Soul was recorded at Serakos Studio, Warsaw, Poland between January and July 2008, mixed and produced by Robert Srzednicki and Mariusz Duda. The artwork was created by Rafa Buczek.
This 2015 vinyl edition is available as a double LP on 180g black vinyl in a gatefold cover.
"Haunting...Brilliant" - Metal Hammer.


1. Prebirth [1:10]
2. The New Beginning [4:49]
3. Out On A Limb [5:27]
4. Summerland [4:59]
1. Lunatic Soul [6:47]
2. Where The Darkness Is Deepest [3:57]
3. Near Life Experience [5:26]
1. Adrift [3:05]
2. The Final Truth [7:34]
3. Waiting For The Dawn [3:35]