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Format: vinyl
Artist: Led Zeppelin
CatNo: 0081227955809
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Led Zeppelin In Through The Out Door vinyl
A 2015 remaster of Led Zeppelin's 1979 eclectic and keyboard heavy swan song. Containing the adventurous Carouselambra, the unexpectedly sweet All My Love and the powerful opener In The Evening.
Album and unreleased companion album on double 180g vinyl. Gatefold cover.
Side 1:
1. In The Evening
2. South Bound Saurez
3. Fool In The Rain
4. Hot Dog
Side 2:
1. Carouselambra
2. All My Love
3. I'm Gonna Crawl
Side 3 and Side 4 - Companion Audio:
1. In The Evening (Rough Mix)
2. Southbound Piano (South Bound Saurez - Rough Mix)
3. Fool In The Rain (Rough Mix)
4. Hot Dog (Rough Mix)
5. The Epic (Carouselambra - Rough Mix)
6. The Hook (All My Love - Rough Mix)
7. Blot (I'm Gonna Crawl - Rough Mix)