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Format: CD
Artist: Kristoffer Gildenlow
CatNo: GVR012
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Kristoffer Gildenlow Rust CD
Fragile, dark and melancholic, with Rust ex-Pain Of Salvation member Kristoffer Gildenlow presents a highly personal musical statement far removed from his Metal origins.
Dealing with youth, ageing, death and attempts to find redemption, Rust draws on singer songwriter, ambient, art rock and folk styles.
Echoes of Anathema and Pink Floyd collide with elements of David Sylvian and Elbow to produce an unexpectedly thought-provoking yet soothing musical experience awash with electric pianos, fretless basses and acoustic guitars.
Digipak cd version.
1. Callout (6:22)
2. Believe (4:30)
3. Desire (4:13)
4. Follow me down (4:31)
5. Overwinter (4:36)
6. Langtan (2:19)
7. Heroes (5:12)
8. Save my soul (4:57)
9. Rust (7:31)
10. Story ends (5:5)
11. Living Soil (4:20)