Judy Dyble, the legendary and reclusive former Fairport Convention and Trader Horne singer, re-emerged in 2009 with the most powerful and personal album of her 41 year career.

Co-produced and co-written by No-Man's Tim Bowness and Cromer Museum's Alistair Murphy, Talking With Strangers featured stunning guest performances from, amongst others, Jacqui McShee (Pentangle), Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Simon Nicol (Fairport Convention), and King Crimson's Robert Fripp, Ian McDonald and Pat Mastelotto.
The acclaimed 20 minute Prog Folk epic Harpsong takes up all of side two of this limited edition 180g black vinyl edition (presented with revised artwork).

Side 1:

1. Neverknowing (1.42)
2. Jazzbirds (3.05)
3. C'est La Vie (4.15)
4. Talking With Strangers (3.23)
5. Dreamtime (4.19)
6. Grey October Day (6.04)
Side 2:
1. Harpsong (19.19)