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Format: vinyl
Artist: Judy Dyble
CatNo: PLG025-S
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Flow And Change signed Vinyl Judy Dyble


The follow-up to 2009's celebrated Talking With Strangers, 2013's Flow And Change is an intimate, confessional and very English recording. 
The album opens with the atypically dark Black Dog Dreams, co-written by Hawkwind alumnus, Simon House (and featuring lap steel guitar courtesy of Mike Mooney from Echo and the Bunnymen). 
Produced by Alistair Murphy, as with Talking With Strangers, Flow And Change demonstrates how an 'old school' artist, whose first recordings came out over forty years ago, can creatively flourish in the 21st Century.
A limited edition, signed, Plane Groovy label heavyweight vinyl version.

Side One:

1. Black Dog
2. Featherdancing
3. Beautiful Child - Freya's Song
4. Crowbaby
5. Driftaway
6. Head Full of Stars
Side Two:
1. Silence
2. Letters
3. Wintersong
4. The Sisterhood of Ruralists