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Format: cd
Artist: Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter
CatNo: DiN43
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Colour Division Ian Boddy Markus Reuter CD
Colour Division (DiN43) sees DiN label boss Ian Boddy once again collaborating with German composer and guitarist Markus Reuter. 
Collaborating at the birth of the DiN label - with their inaugural album, Distant Rituals (DiN2, 1999) - since then both musicians have created a vast body of diverse work, whilst periodically re-connecting on a series of further DiN releases such as Pure (DiN17, 2004) and Dervish (DiN33, 2009). 
Aficionados of the DiN label will be familiar with Boddy's musical exploits. They may not be fully aware of the plethora of work that Reuter has been involved with, including his extensive international touring with Stick Men (alongside Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto) and The Crimson ProjeKCt. Most recently he has overseen the world premiere performance and recording of his 60-minute masterpiece "Todmorden 513" by the Colorado Chamber Orchestra.
Colour Division sees these two skilled musicians effortlessly continuing their sonic dialogue over seven mesmerising tracks. Several of these use one of Reuter's trademark guitar looped soundscapes as a starting point over which Boddy paints a glorious ambient tapestry of sound. His distinctive, singing Ondes Martenot style ambient lead lines call out on the opener Borderlands, soon to be joined by a myriad of Reuters guitar tones. This strong initial piece builds to quite a climax with heavy electronic percussion and an exciting Moog solo from Boddy. By contrast the next track, the title piece Colour Division, features a beautifully emotional guitar solo from Reuter. The more leisurely legato tracks such as Crescent and Reveal are like reflections of the duo's first DiN outing Distant Rituals. Boddy's love of analogue modular synths sees distinctive bass lines and sequencing on the muscular Fulcrum and the more laid back Beacon which are overlaid with an incredible variety of fuzz tones and textures from the instrument that Reuter is no doubt a master of, the U8 touch guitar. Finally the album comes to a beautiful last passage with Slowfall, with Boddy's restrained production complementing Reuter's sparse, crunchy guitar chords.
With a beautiful cover image by Polish photographer Szincza and an elegant digipak design, this limited edition DiN release is yet another high quality, eminently collectable offering from the DiN label.
1. Borderlands (7.39) 
2. Colour Division (9.10) 
3. Crescent (8.18)
4. Fulcrum (6.57)
5. Reveal (6.57)
6. Beacon (9.05)
7. Slowfall (4.32)
All tracks composed, played & produced by Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy (December 2012 - April 2013). 
Mixed by Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter (May 2013).
Mastered by Lee Fletcher for Unsung Productions (June 2013).
Ian Boddy:
Serge & Eurorack modular, Moog Voyager, Kontakt & Alchemy
Markus Reuter:
Guitar, guitar synth, loops & soundscapes
Markus Reuter plays Touch Guitars U8 Deluxe (