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Artist: I'Anson
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In Chances Of Light flac download IAnson
In Chances Of Light is the debut album from i'Anson.
Packed with personal memories, evoking one man's relationship with a wild and immutable landscape, and written and produced on the magical island of Jura in Scotland, it features Hugh Carswell with percussionist Steve Jansen, jazz bassist Dudley Phillips and the Scottish Ensemble (among others).  
FLAC 24bit / 96kHz download
1. Your Halo (4:35)
2. Fire Mercy Be (4:16)
3. Summer of My Soul (3:33)
4. Take Hold (4:51)
5. How Strongly I Felt (4:46)
6. The Light Keeper (5:24)
7. Golden (7:17)
8. Fruit Tree (5:49)
9. A Tide (4:09)
10. Evermore (2:37)
11. Spring Will Come (5:31)
Main artist credits:
Hugh Carswell - voice, guitars, piano, mandolin
Dudley Phillips - double bass, electric bass
Steve Jansen - drums & percussion
Scottish Ensemble - strings