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Format: cd
Artist: Here and Now
CatNo: NowhereCD001
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Here and Now UFOasis CD


Here & Now's 1991 studio release was the band's last.
Fusing its Psychedelic/Space Rock root influences with Hard Rock power and funk rhythms to make a stirring sound occasionally reminiscent of late '70s Steve Hillage, in UFOasis, H&N produced a work considered amongst its very best.
The band's guitarist and bassist were later to join H&N's spiritual forebears Gong.


1. Love Of This World (4:47)
2. Nude Temple Dream (4:55)
3. Love Thing (4:35)
4. Tellysong (7:25)
5. Ufoasis (5:40)
6. Living Room War (4:11)
7. Fire In The Sky (5:08)
8. Rattle The Cage (4:29)
9. Crazy World (3:41)
10. Secrets II (6:31)
Catalogue # Nowhere CD 001