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Format: cd
Artist: Haken
CatNo: 0506942
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Restoration EP Haken cd


The CD version of Haken's Restoration, a 34 minute EP comprising re-worked and updated songs from the critically acclaimed Prog Metal band's early years.
Mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren, the EP includes the 19 minute plus Crystallised featuring guest appearances by Mike Portnoy and Pete Rinaldi (Headspace).
'Re-doing a few of our favourite tracks from our 2007 demo is something we've talked about doing for ages and the fans have been asking for it constantly. We were also excited about working creatively with our new bassist Conner Green, so this seemed like the perfect way to welcome him aboard.' - Ross Jennings, vocals.
'Merely re-recording the demo songs would have felt musically redundant and dishonest, since three of us didn't play on the original recordings. The band's sound has evolved considerably in the last few years, so we used the demo tracks as a starting point and gave ourselves free reign to reimagine them and make them relevant to who we are today. These are now the definitive versions and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out.' - Charlie Griffiths, guitar


1. Darkest Light (6:44)
2. Earthlings (7:52)
3. Crystallised (19:23)


Ross Jennings - Vocals
Richard Henshall - Guitar, Keyboards
Charlie Griffiths - Guitar
Conner Green - Bass guitar
Diego Tejeida - Keyboards, Sound Design
Raymond Hearne - Drums
Additional musicians:
Pete Rinaldi - guitars on Crystallised
Mike Portnoy - guest performance on Crystallised
Technical staff:
Jens Bogren - Mixing, Mastering