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Format: cd
Artist: Guy Garvey
CatNo: 4758996
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Courting The Squall Guy Garvey cd


Guy Garvey - Elbow frontman and one of Britain's most distinctive vocalists and lyricists - presents Courting The Squall, his debut solo album. 
Recorded initially at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios near Bath and Blueprint Studios in Salford, the album features a band created by Guy from his, 'favourite musicians outside Elbow'. Unlike Elbow, where democracy has always ruled, this is an album where Garvey embraced the freedom to do exactly what he felt throughout.
A glimpse into its creator's soul, shot through with warmth and emotional intelligence, Courting the Squall is a record made without preconditions; an album of songs made purely for the joy of its making.
CD version.


1) Angela's Eyes
2) Courting The Squall
3) Harder Edges
4) Unwind
5) Juggernaut
6) Yesterday
7) Electricity
8) Belly Of The Whale
9) Broken Bottles And Chandeliers
10) Three Bells