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Artist: Genesis
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R-Kive Genesis cd
Starting with The Knife from Trespass and concluding with Tony Banks' orchestral work Siren, R-Kive is a three CD set that chronologically spans 1970-2012 and includes key tracks from Genesis alongside solo pieces by band alumni.
A fascinating insight into the evolution of the core band as well as the parallel careers of its members and former members (Gabriel, Hackett, Rutherford, Banks and Collins), R-Kive provides a unique overview of the musical development of one of the World's most popular, creative and influential bands.
The set comes in a digipak and includes a 40 page booklet.
All tracks by Genesis unless otherwise stated.
CD 1 - 1970-1975:
1. The Knife
2. The Musical Box
3. Supper's Ready 
4. The Cinema Show
5. I Know What I Like 
6. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 
7. Back In N.Y.C. 
8. The Carpet Crawlers 
9. Ace of Wands (by Steve Hackett)
CD 2 - 1976-1985:
1. Ripples
2. Afterglow
3. Solsbury Hill (by Peter Gabriel)
4. Follow You Follow Me
5. For A While (by Tony Banks)
6. Every Day (by Steve Hackett)
7. Biko (by Peter Gabriel)
8. Turn It On Again 
9. In The Air Tonight (by Phil Collins)
10. Abacab 
11. Mama 
12. That's All 
13. Easy Lover (by Phil Collins)
14. Silent Running (by Mike + The Mechanics)
CD 3 - 1986-2012:
1. Invisible Touch
2. Land of Confusion 
3. Tonight Tonight Tonight 
4. The Living Years (by Mike + The Mechanics)
5. Red Day on Blue Street (by Tony Banks)
6. I Can't Dance 
7. No Son of Mine 
8. Hold On My Heart 
9. Over My Shoulder (by Mike + The Mechanics)
10. Calling All Stations
11. Signal To Noise (by Peter Gabriel)
12. Wake Up Call (by Phil Collins)
13. Nomads (by Steve Hackett)
14. Siren (by Tony Banks)