Price: £17.99
Format: vinyl
Artist: Gazpacho
CatNo: KSCOPE853
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Gazpacho Tick Tock Vinyl


Kscope edition of Gazpacho's 2009 album, remixed and featuring new artwork.
A double LP edition on heavyweight (180g) vinyl, the gatefold sleeve features new artwork. Mastered for vinyl by Thor Legvold at Sonovo Mastering
'If you are a fan of music that transports you to another place, you will find nothing better!' - DPRP (10/10) 
'Album of the month' - Eclipsed
This Kscope double LP edition of the album has been fully remixed and is pressed on heavyweight (180g) vinyl. The gatefold sleeve features new artwork.


Side 1:
1. Desert Flight [7:39]
2. The Walk Part I [8:03]
3. The Walk Part Ii [5:39]
Side 2:
1. Tick Tock Part I [7:16]
2. Tick Tock Part Ii [9:39]
3. Tick Tock Part Iii [5:30]
Side 3:
1. Winter Is Never [4:55]
Side 4:
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