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Format: CD
Artist: Family
CatNo: SMACD1006
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Family History 2CD
Growing out of the R&B boom of the early 1960s, Family's music evolved into a unique mix of blues, folk, jazz, psychedelia and rock energy built around the distinctive vocals of frontman Roger Chapman, Charlie Whitney's innovative guitar playing and Rob Townsend's thunderous drumming.
The band released eight albums during their seven year career, scoring 4 top singles and seven chart albums in the process. All the band's recordings have recently been re-mastered as part of the acclaimed box set, Once Upon A Time.
Presented in a deluxe digi-pack and featuring period photos and sleeve notes, History collects tracks from throughout the band's career to offer a perfect introduction to a fascinating band.
Disc 1:
1. The Weaver's Answer 
2. See Through Windows 
3. Peace Of Mind 
4. Observations From A Hill 
5. Hung Up Down 
6. Drowned In Wine 
7. Hey, Let It Rock 
8. The Cat And The Rat 
9. A Song For Me 
10. Good News - Bad News 
11. Holding The Compass 
12. Strange Band 
13. Part Of The Load 
14. Today 
15. No Mule's Fool 
Disc 2:
1. In My Own Time 
2. Between Blue And Me 
3. Sat'd'y Barfly 
4. Spanish Tide 
5. Children 
6. Burning Bridges 
7. Burlesque 
8. Broken Nose 
9. My Friend The Sun 
10. Glove 
11. Ready To Go 
12. It's Only A Movie 
13. Buffet Tea For Two 
14. Sweet Desiree