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Format: cd
Artist: FM
CatNo: ECLEC2376
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FM Black Noise cd progressive rock
A re-pressing of the 2013 Esoteric label release of FM's debut album from 1977.
Combining Prog ambition with Rock energy and the unique violin and echo mandolin contributions of Nash The Slash, the album is FM's most highly-rated release and led to the band becoming one of Canada's best-loved bands of all time.
1. Phasors on stun (3:49) 
2. One o'clock tomorrow (6:05) 
3. Hours (2:36) 
4. Journey (4:41) 
5. Dialing for Dharma (3:15) 
6. Slaughter in robot village (5:02) 
7. Aldeberan (5:02) 
8. Black noise (9:56)
- Martin Deller / drums, percussion, Arp 2500 synthesizers 
- Cameron Hawkins / lead vocals, piano, synths, bass, sequencer
- Nash the Slash / electric violin, vocals, elelectric mandolin, glockenspiel, f/x