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Format: cd
Artist: Eno / Hyde
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Eno Hyde Someday World - Deluxe CD

Brian Eno and Karl Hyde's 2014 debut Someday World is an album born from years of experimental beginnings, and polyrhythmic musical textures re-contextualised and brought together in one month-long session in late 2013. 

Horns, repetition, sonic magic and unpredictable, unexpectedly melodic songs dominate on an album that betrays the duo's abiding love of Steve Reich, cyclical Afrobeat and the possibilities of rhythm and harmony.
Double cd deluxe edition.


CD 1:
1.  The Satellites
2.  Daddy's Car
3.  A Man Wakes Up
4.  Witness
5.  Strip It Down
6.  Mother Of A Dog
7.  Who Rings The Bell
8.  When I Built This World
9.  To Us All
CD 2:
1. Big Band Song
2. Brazil 3
3. Celebration
4. Titian Bekh