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Artist: David Sylvian & Robert Fripp
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David Sylvian Robert Fripp CD Damage


The 2001 David Sylvian mix of Sylvian and Fripp's powerful live album from 1994 Damage.
With a well-received studio album in the form of The First Day issued in summer 1993, Sylvian/Fripp took to the road for a lengthy tour to support the release. Trey Gunn reprised his role from the earlier tour and studio recordings as stick player, while Pat Mastelotto joined the group on drums, a position which led to his being offered a role in the 1990s King Crimson, a band in which he has remained a member of every line-up since. Producer and recordings artist Michael Brook completed the touring ensemble.
Damage was recorded at the final London concerts in December 1993 and issued in 1994. Whereas the studio album had a measured grace and power, the live album was even more muscular on the rock pieces, drawing some extraordinary performances from all contributors. This made the contrast with the quieter, more ambient material even more pronounced, with audiences able to hear every nuance of the material. David Sylvian had rarely sounded better or more comfortable in a live setting. Robert Fripp provided some of his most blistering solos. Songs from the recent studio album were featured as were fan favourites from David's solo albums and Rain Tree Crow, alongside one new song The First Day.
Initially released as a limited edition in 1994, the album quickly sold out and became a highly sought after recording. The album was remixed by David Sylvian and issued in 2001 with a slightly altered track-listing and running order. 
It is this second edition of the album that is now being reissued.
1. God's Monkey 6:39
2. Brightness Falls 6:29
3. Every Colour You Are 5:44
4. Jean the Birdman 4:03
5. Firepower 7:09
6. Damage 4:26
7. Gone to Earth 2:29
8. Twentieth Century Dreaming (A Shaman's Song) 7:54
9. Wave 6:17
10. River Man 4:58
11. Blinding Light of Heaven 4:36
12. The First Day 5:22