Volume 2 of the A New Day Tapes collects more exclusive in-depth interviews with Jethro Tull members past and present that have featured in the feted Jethro Tull magazine A New Day over the past 27 years. 
Including forewords by Martin Barre and Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond, the new 288-page collection has more photos and a larger typeface than the previous volume.
'Exacting and detailed, showing a huge knowledge yet also allowing interviewees ample chance to express their viewpoints.' - Prog
'The second part of what is undoubtedly the definitive account of the band warts, contradictions and all.' - R2
'An archive of uniquely extensive, wide-ranging and revelatory interviews.' - Record Collector

Featuring Forewords from Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond and Martin Barre, and interviews with Ian Anderson (several), Martin Barre, Mick Abrahams, Jonathan Noyce, Glenn Cornick, Clive Bunker, David Pegg, Andrew Giddings, Martin Barre & John Carter, Martin Barre & Dan Crisp, Dee Palmer, Kit Morgan, James Duncan Anderson, Lucia Micarelli, John O'Hara, David Goodier, Florian Opahle, Doane Perry, Anna Phoebe and Chris Leslie.