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Artist: David Rees & Martin Webb
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David Rees Martin Webb Jethro Tull A New Day book

Volume Two of the A New Day Tapes collects more exclusive in-depth interviews with Jethro Tull members past and present that have featured in the feted Jethro Tull magazine over the past 27 years. 

Including forewords by Martin Barre and Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond, the new 288-page collection has more photos and a larger typeface than the previous volume.
'Exacting and detailed, showing a huge knowledge yet also allowing interviewees ample chance to express their viewpoints.' - Prog
'The second part of what is undoubtedly the definitive account of the band warts, contradictions and all.' - R2
'An archive of uniquely extensive, wide-ranging and revelatory interviews.' - Record Collector

Featuring Forewords from Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond and Martin Barre, and interviews with Ian Anderson (several), Martin Barre, Mick Abrahams, Jonathan Noyce, Glenn Cornick, Clive Bunker, David Pegg, Andrew Giddings, Martin Barre & John Carter, Martin Barre & Dan Crisp, Dee Palmer, Kit Morgan, James Duncan Anderson, Lucia Micarelli, John O'Hara, David Goodier, Florian Opahle, Doane Perry, Anna Phoebe and Chris Leslie.