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Artist: David Clifton
CatNo: LRMCD07
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cd Seeds Of Hope And Love David Clifton


From cathedral choirboy to guitarist touring the world with some of the UK's finest artists, this (and similar) sacred music projects have been recorded between tours and session work. They are a labour of love, re-interpreting Scriptural texts with a fresh approach for the present day.
"Most of the great writers and composers throughout history, from poets to the greats, such as Handel, Vivaldi, Brahms, Tavener, the great Delta Blues artists, and many others, were equally at home writing for purely sacred genres, as well as within a wider entertainment repertoire. The more recent divisions of 'sacred' and 'secular', particularly in the arts, is something of a mystery to me. All art, at its best, draws attention to beauty, whether physical or Spiritual. For me there have never been more beautiful words spoken about our human condition, how to relate to each other, how to navigate the pitfalls of our earthly journey, and how to live with wisdom, than by an itinerant revolutionary teacher born to a homeless refugee family in Bethlehem."
From a July 2015 Interview. David Clifton in conversation with The Foundling House.


1) Saviour (04.32)
2) No Greater Love (04.08)
3) What Jesus Would Have Done (05.06)
4) I Believe (It's True) (04.34)
5) There Is A Green Hill (05.22)
6) This Is Love (03.59)
7) Ever Faithful God (03.49)
8) If My Ways (05.39)
9) Offering (03.27)
10) When I was A Child (02.34)
11) Grant Me, Most Dear And Loving Jesus (04.20)


David Clifton: Vocals, guitars, mandolin, mandola & percussion 
James Gregory: Bass guitar 
Paul Evans: Drums and perfectly placed triangle 
Mark Edwards: Hammond organ
Produced by Julian Kindred
Recorded at: The Riverside Rooms, Cobham. 
ICC Studios, Eastbourne. 
The Love Shack, London SW7
Mixed by Jon Kelly at The Garden House, Chiswick, London
Mastered by Denis Blackham, at Skye Mastering, Isle Of Skye, Scotland 
Special thanks to Paul Burton, John Hartley, Gary Sadler, Nicky & Sila Lee, Amanda Kindred, Monsieur Incroyable, The Griffin family, The splendid band, Jon & Mitzi, Nigel Palmer, Andy Piercy, Roger Bradley, Sandy & Annette Millar, The wonderful family, FX Rentals, Jonathan Bugden and all at Integrity-Provident Europe, CMC Dstribution, Canada, and to Wilman Interiors for the fabric print.
Art direction and design: Karen Sawrey
Publishing Information
David Clifton, John Hartley, Gary Sadler © 2004 IQ Music, Meadowgreen Music, Paintbrush Music, songs (ASCAP) administered by EMI CMG publishing
No Greater Love
David Clifton & Nick Herbert © 1999 IQ Music
What Jesus Would Have Done
David Clifton, Phil Baggaley © 1999 IQ Music, Little Room Music
I Believe (it's true)
David Clifton © 2006 IQ Music
There Is A Green Hill
Phil Baggaley, David Clifton, Ian Blythe © 2001 Little Room Music, IQ Music
This Is Love
David Clifton © 2006 IQ Music
Ever Faithful God
David Clifton © 2006 IQ Music
If My Ways Are Not Your Ways
David Clifton, John Hartley, Zach Vestnys © 2002 IQ Music, songs (ASCAP) administered by EMI CMG publishing
Gary Sadler, David Clifton © 2006 Paintbrush Music (ASCAP), IQ Music
When I was A Child
David Clifton © 2006 IQ Music
Grant Me, Most Dear And Loving Jesus
David Clifton © 2006 IQ Music
(Lyrics adapted from a prayer by Thomas A Kempis, 1380-1471)