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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
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Dave Stewart Barbara Gaskin Busy Doing Nothing 7" Vinyl

An all-time Stewart/Gaskin favourite which was a popular 'turntable hit' in 1983, featuring an incredibly detailed arrangement and a radiant vocal performance from Barbara. One of the most complex and engaging arrangements to come out of the Stewart/Gaskin camp, this song is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and the beautiful, spacy ballad on the B-side might well bring a tear to your eye. Remastered versions of the A and B-side appear on the CD album <a href="">Broken Records - The Singles (Special Edition)</a>. Dave and Barbara's sleeve notes for <a href="">As Far As Dreams Can Go (Special Edition)</a> include details on the making of 'Busy Doing Nothing'.


A. Busy Doing Nothing (4:23)
B. The World Spins So Slow (4:13)