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Format: CD
Artist: Daniel Cavanagh and Joseph Geraci
CatNo: bshed1202
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Deluxe Edition Daniel Cavanagh Joseph Geraci CD The Passage
**Final copies of this limited edition pressing (stock returned from our distributor). Slight dings on sorne corners, sold as seen, no returns.**
Graceful and atmospheric, The Passage is the unique result of a collaboration between Anathema's Daniel Cavanagh and writer Joseph Geraci (the voice on Internal Landscapes from Anathema's celebrated 2012 release, Weather Systems). 
Mainly comprising ethereal textural and evocative piano backdrops to readings of Geraci's work (by Geraci, Cavanagh and Heather Leah Huddleston), the album also contains two new songs by Cavanagh. Within (Part 2) and Brief are also based on the words of Geraci and in their heartfelt and emotive delivery, the songs act as an ideal coda to the more tender moments on Anathema's recent albums. 
Presented as a 17 part continuous suite of textures, poetry and songs, The Passage is a seductive and unpretentious marriage of spoken word and music that highlights the growing sophistication in Daniel Cavanagh's compositional capabilities. 
Released on the Burning Shed label, the cd is presented in a dvd-sized digibook and includes striking Carl Glover images in addition to the poetic texts. 
1) Metamorphosis
2) Alone
3) The Orbit
4) Within
5) Yet To Be
6) Freedom
7) The Return
8) Within Part 2
9) The Islands
10) Water Fire
11) I Am You
12) Brief
13) Childhood Lost
14) Color
15) By Myself
16) The Beginning
17) The Passage