The considerable talents of Geoff Downes (Yes, Buggles) and Chris Braide (The Producers) combine to make Pictures Of You, a concept album chronicling a fan's view of the decline of his idol.
Something of an updating of the Electro-Prog-Pop of The Buggles, the album features the 13 minute Sunday News Suite, which Braide describes as, "A classic Yes-style elongated piece played by machines."
'A stunning piece of work.' - Classic Rock 
1. Sunday News Suite:
  a) Sunday News
  b) Islands
  c) Goodbye Johnny
  d) Anywhere
2. The Radiant Children
3. The Superfortress
4. Pictures Of You
5. Songs That Can Heal
6. Ride The Waves
7. Road To Ruin
8. Live For The Moment
9. Sky Sailor