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Format: cd
Artist: Bulbs
CatNo: Bulb001
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CD Bulbs On


Led by classical guitarist Neil Campbell (Ghost Stories) and featuring Andy Maslivec (bass), Joey Zeb (drums) and Marty Snape (electronics), Liverpool-based Bulbs create a Progressive, Classical, Math Rock fusion which blends unusual time signatures, electronic textures, speech samples and Prog Rock influenced melodies.
"Wild and wonderful music." - Jon Anderson (Yes)
"Like Mike Oldfield before him, Neil Campbell is an outstanding guitarist whose originality of thought makes him far more than just another gifted purveyor of finger acrobatics." - Paul Fowles (Classical Guitar Magazine)


1. Lament (1.55)
2. Frankinscensed (4.47)
3) Majestic (5.56)
4) Injusa (4.03)
5. Illuminate (6.25)
6. USA (2.04)
7. Lantra (3.57)
8. They Control The Weather (5.29)
9. Switch (2.49)
10. Future Cities (4.49)
11. A Very Good Friday (4.39)
12. 3572 Off (5.52)