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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Anathema
CatNo: KSCOPE843
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Untouchable Anathema vinyl
**Slight crease bottom left corner
In May 2012 Anathema released Weather Systems, the most successful album of the band's two decade plus career. 
Scoring high in end of year polls around the world, the album cemented Anathema's reputation as one of the most interesting bands of recent times.
Following the release of the album, the band embarked on a lengthy world tour.
The European part of the tour opened with a special one-off gig at the ancient Roman theatre of Philippopolis where the band were joined by the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra.
Untouchable captures the magic of this unique evening.
Available on double heavyweight vinyl packaged in a gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves. 
Side 1:
1. Untouchable Part 1 
2. Untouchable Part 2 
3. Thin Air 
Side 2:
1. Dreaming Light 
2. Everything 
3. The Storm Before The Calm 
Side 3:
1. A Simple Mistake 
2. The Beginning And The End 
3. Universal 
Side 4:
1. Closer 
2. A Natural Disaster 
3. Flying