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Artist: Air
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cd The Virgin Suicides Air


Originally released in 2000, The Virgin Suicides is an atmospheric 1970s Pink Floyd/Tangerine Dream influenced soundtrack for Sofia Coppola's cult film of the same name, which quickly became one of the most celebrated albums in Air's fascinating discography.
A double cd edition featuring the original album plus an extra disc of live recordings from January 2000.


CD 1:
1. Playground Love (With Gordon Tracks) 
2. Clouds Up 
3. Bathroom Girl 
4. Cemetary Party 
5. Dark Messages 
6. The Word 'Hurricane'
7. Dirty Trip 
8. Highschool Lover 
9. Afternoon Sister 
10. Ghost Song 
11. Empty House
12. Dead Bodies
13. Suicide Underground 
14. Bathroom Girl (Demo Version) 
15. Playground Love (Vibraphone Version)
CD 2 - Unreleased Live Bonus CD:
Recorded at the Village Recorder, LA, broadcast live on KRCW January 2000
1. Playground Love 
2. Dark Messages/The Word 'Hurricane' 
3. Highschool Lover
Live at American Legion Hall L.A Jan 2000
4. Clouds Up
5. Bathroom Girl
6. Dirty Trip 
7. Empty House
8. Dead Bodies
9. Cemetary Party
10. Suicide Underground