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Format: CD
Artist: Adrian Belew
CatNo: AC2CD8001
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Live At The Paradise Theater Bos Adrian Belew cd

A double CD of an Adrian Belew performance at the Paradise Theater on July 18, 1989 (broadcast on WBCN-FM in Boston). 

Most of the songs are taken from his then just-released Mr. Music Head. Belew also performs a trio King Crimson classics along with an encore of Roy Orbison's Oh, Pretty Woman.

CD 1:

1. Hot Zoo
2. Three of a Perfect Pair
3. Intros
4. Bad Days
5. Coconuts
6. One of Those Days
7. Bird in a Box
8. 1967
9. Oh Daddy
10. Heartbeat
CD 2:
1. House of Cards
2. Bumpity Bump
3. Motor Bungalow
4. The Rail Song
5. Superboy
6. Elephant Talk
7. Encore Break 
First encore:
8. Guitar Sounds
9. Big Electric Cat
10. Encore break 
Second encore:
11. Oh, Pretty Woman
12. Radio Outro