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Format: cd
Artist: Adam Holzman
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Adam Holzman The Deform Variations cd


Recorded live on tour with Steven Wilson in 2013, The Deform Variations collects the best of Adam Holzman's remarkable piano improvisations around the theme of the track Deform To Form A Star.
'Steven Wilson's song, "Deform To Form A Star," starts with an improvised solo piano introduction.   This album is a collection of those intros, taken from the 2013 The Raven That Refused To Sing tour. 
A short piano feature in a progressive rock concert is a bit like a drum solo; you have to cover a lot of ground quickly, and there should probably be some fireworks in there somewhere. This format is not exactly conducive to dreamy pianistic meditations, but it does force the player to compress and economize ideas.
I would like to tip my hat to Jordan Ruddess, who performed the original intro for "Deform" on Steven's Grace For Drowning album.  I use that as a starting point.  All of these pieces, with the exception of those first few bars, are improvised.' - Adam Holzman, Bronx, NY, 2014
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01. Antwerp (1:53) 
02. Boulder (0:59) 
03. Buffalo (1:30) 
04. Chicago (1:48) 
05. Washington D.C. (1:39) 
06. Essen (1:34) 
07. Hamburg (1:49) 
08. Los Angeles (1:38) 
09. Loreley (1:12) 
10. Milan (1:36) 
11. Minneapolis (1:56) 
12. Montreal (1:44) 
13. Oslo (1:32) 
14. Paris (0:49) 
15. Philadelphia (1:28) 
16. Berlin (1:12) 
17. Buenos Aires (2:40) 
18. Pistoia (1:14) 
19. Pittsburgh (1:09) 
20. Rome (0:36) 
21. Stockholm (1:11) 
22. Santiago (2:17) 
23. Sydney (0:54) 
24. Stuttgart (0:57) 
25. Tampa (1:07) 
26. Torino (2:10) 
27. Zoetermeer (1:56)

Produced by Adam Holzman Recorded live on tour with Steven Wilson, 2013 Recorded by SW house sound engineer Ian Bond Keyboard techs: Jason Birnie, Scott Hoffman Mastered and assembled by Anthony Ruotolo Adam plays a Korg SV-1 digital piano Front cover photo: Lasse Hoile Cover design: Carl Glover Lettering: steven Wilson