Price: £12.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: 94 East (featuring Prince)
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Prince Just Another Sucker vinyl Charly
Formed in December 1975 by Pepe Willie (the former husband of Prince's cousin), 94 East was the Minneapolis-based funk group with which Prince first came to prominence. Alongside Willie, Prince composed one song for the band, Just Another Sucker, which has been remastered for this 2016 release along with One Man Jam.
These are two of a collection of epic tracks recorded by the band (and the emerging talent, Prince) between December 1975 and February 1979. 
Remastered versions of the complete recordings are available across three Charly releases - cd (charley f840), single LP (charley l219 - purple vinyl ) and triple LP box (charley l221) -  along with bonus tracks and instrumental versions.
The band disbanded in 1979, at which point Prince developed his legendary solo identity.
The early work of a musical genius. 
1. Just Another Sucker [5:17]
1. One Man Jam [6:09]