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Format: Vinyl
Artist: 10cc
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10cc The Things We Do For Love Double vinyl Godley and Creme

A comprehensive 10cc double LP hits collection with tantalising extras, including 6 unreleased live songs from 2010, 6 Graham Gouldman songs, and 3 songs by Godley & Creme.

Also features the unreleased track Natural Wonder (recorded by the band's original and best-loved line-up).

Limited edition.

1. 10cc Rubber Bullets
2. 10cc Donna
3. 10cc Dean & I 
4. 10cc Wall Street Shuffle
5. 10cc Silly Love
6. 10cc Life is a Minestrone
7. 10cc Natural Wonder
1. 10cc I'm Not In Love
2. 10cc Art For Art's Sake
3. 10cc I'm Mandy Fly Me
4. 10cc The Things We Do For Love
5. 10cc Good Morning Judge
6. 10cc  Deadlock Holiday
1. Godley & Crème Under Your Thumb
2. Godley & Crème Wedding Bells
3. Godley & Crème Cry
4. Graham Gouldman For Your Love
5. Graham Gouldman Heartful of Soul
6. Graham Gouldman Bus Stop
7. Graham Gouldman Look Through Any Window
8. Graham Gouldman No Milk Today
9. Graham Gouldman Pamela Pamela
1. 10cc Donna (Live)
2. 10cc The Wall Street Shuffle (Live)
3. 10cc I’m Not In Love (Live) 
4. 10cc I’m Mandy Fly Me (Live) 
5. 10cc The Things We Do For Love Live  
6. 10cc Dreadlock Holiday (Live)